Thanks to the passengers

Thanks to the passengers

Director of TDV "ORION-AUTO"


Dear Valery Vasilyevich!

I appeal to you to express the opinion of the inhabitants of the village. Olszan and the villages of Ternuva and Sapentyna. We constantly have to use the route taxi TDV "ORION-AUTO" in conjunction with Nikolayev-Sapentyna. It is worth noting that the driver's part in this route has demonstrated a fairly high level of professionalism. However, passengers are unanimous in the fact that the best driver is Suslov Alexey. He fell into the soul of the inhabitants of the community not only by his professional, but also by exceptional human qualities. Never, under any circumstances and situations, he was not seen gloomy or rough: always friendly, friendly, extremely polite, tidy and understanding everyone. Alex loved his passengers so much that some of them plan their trips in order to get on his flight.

I urge you, dear Valery Vasilievich, fulfilling the wishes of many passengers of a minibus Nikolayev-Sapentyna: if possible, to note on Sussev Aleksey's "ORION-AUTO" TDV as an exemplary driver with a high level of professionalism and exceptional human qualities.

Recently, on Mykolaiv sites, drivers are often barking buses for the rude attitude towards passengers, but we olshantsi can be calm: our drivers are better and the best of them - Alex Suslov.

Signed by the dweller with. Sapntya