Let the road with gray ribbon winds ...

Let the road with gray ribbon winds ...

From now on, citizens planning intercity or international travel, and residents of the central and northern regions of the region, no longer need to first get to the Central Bus Station, and then again, through the entire city, to go to their destination.

Now, to go to Kiev, Lviv, Vinnitsa, Warsaw or Naples, it is enough to go to the northern outskirts of Nikolaev, to the Ternovskaya fork. Here, actually at the crossroads of the Kiev, Kirovograd and Dneprovskiy directions, on Malko-Ternovskaya Street, 96, through persistent efforts of the Orion-Auto ALC, on October 26, just before the Day of the motorist and road builder of Ukraine, a new modern bus station opened.

The opening ceremony was attended by the heroes of the occasion themselves, headed by Valeriy Burkun, director of Orion-Avto ALC, and Alexander Sergeyev, head of the bus station. People’s Deputy of Ukraine Taras Kremin, Vice-Governor Valentin Gaydarzhi, deputies of the Nikolaev City Council Vyacheslav and Sergey Kartsev, heads of motor transport enterprises of the city, region and other guests were present.

The new bus station meets all the requirements of the highest class. There is also a spacious air-conditioned and heated waiting room, rest rooms and rooms needed for passengers and employees, rooms for drivers and a control room, a luggage room, a police station, a snack bar, shops, and two steps away from the bus station are public transport stops from where you can go to the city center or to the railway station.

The guests at the opening ceremony appreciated the work done by Orion-Auto. Vice-Governor Valentin Gaydarzhi awarded diplomas to the best workers, and the people's deputy of Ukraine Taras Kremin noted, in particular, that “the opening of a new bus station in Nikolaev by the efforts of the Orion-Avto enterprise alone is evidence of deliberalization of legislation and licensing responsibility, quality of transportation and passenger safety, decent driving conditions and decent taxes. It also confirms the European service, safe trips from the bus station to the bus station non-stop in the field, healthy market competition and the natural development of the network of participants in the market for quality services.

Despite systemic and often contrived bureaucratic inspections and complex blocking of the development of passenger traffic, such companies as Orion-Auto open new European routes, guarantee service, bear the social component, shape the attractiveness of Nikolayevshchina, and take care of the technical condition of the fleet the level from Euro-2 to Euro-5, and the station itself and the surrounding area are comfortable and cozy - the development of the proper infrastructure of the south of Ukraine. ”

It should be noted that the Orion-Avto additional liability company is far from being a novice in the field of passenger transportation in Nikolayevshchina and beyond.

The history of the company has more than 50 years, of which more than half (since 1988), its leader is Valery Burkun - Honored Worker of Transport of Ukraine.

Until 2004, the company carried out government orders for the transportation of goods, then changed the profile of its main activity to passenger transportation, having received the “Industry Leader” award 5 years later, and currently ranks first in the Mykolaiv region among road carriers and is in the TOP-50 best in the field of road transport in Ukraine.

ODO "Orion-Auto" is a diversified enterprise with its own material and technical, repair base and fleet of more than 150 buses, serving more than 100 routes in the Mykolaiv region and beyond. At the same time, one of the main areas of work remains regular transportation of employees of the largest enterprises, children, tourists, transportation services for various events and one-time trips to memorable places throughout Ukraine and abroad.