On the territory of the Mykolayiv region on January 11, on the roads of state importance, they limit the traffic due to difficult weather conditions.

On January 11, according to weather forecasters in Nikolayevshchina, precipitation in the form of snow and rain is expected. Fluctuations in air temperature from -1 ° C to + 2 ° C. On January 12, precipitation is not predicted, fluctuations in air temperature from 0 ° C to -12 ° C.

It is known that on January 10 on ice of the Nikolaev area ice was formed, which complicated the traffic. This situation on the roads caused a number of road accidents, including those with victims. In particular, a regular bus overturned on the Odessa highway, which caused seven people to be injured.

Information is constantly updated ...

14:55 In the Kirovograd region, due to the deterioration of weather conditions, from 15:00, they will close the traffic along four routes that connect the region with the Nikolaev and Dnipropetrovsk regions.

14:30 Users of social networks write that there was a traffic jam on the highway from the side of New Odessa.

13:48 As reported in the Viber channel "Accidents and roads of Nikolaev and the region", the road from Nikolaev to Voznesensk is blocked for heavy vehicles, and therefore there is an accumulation of trucks on the side of the road.

13:38 In the afternoon on Friday, January 11, in Pervomaisk the area on the route the fuel truck turned over. Reports about it Head department of the State emergency services in the Nikolaev area.

At 12:24 there was a message about a traffic accident on the R-75 "Pervomaisk-Krivoe Ozero" highway near the village of Kumari.

Upon arrival, it was established that due to the icing "ZIL-130", carrying solar fuel, turned over to the side of the road. To raise the vehicle, an auto crane from the Pervomaisky rayavtodor was involved.

At the moment, rescuers ensure the safety of rescue and recovery operations at the scene. Additionally, there are representatives of law enforcement agencies.

No casualties were reported.

13:23 Facebook showed how many trucks have accumulated on the N-24 road in the direction of New Odessa.

13:18 The deputy head of the Nikolaev regional state administration Valentin Gaydarzhi in the comment to the journalist "Crime. Is NOT PRESENT" noted that restriction of the movement works only for trucks and regular buses, and the movement of cars is not forbidden.

Gaydarzhi noted that according to forecasts, the snow and rain will be until 20:00, and in the event of this, the restriction of travel will be canceled either on this night or on January 12.

13:15 According to data of a resource of Ventusky, in Nikolaev around 17:00 the air temperature will fall to 0 degrees, and by 18:00 thermometers will show already -1 degree. It is known that earlier the city authorities warned about strong ice in Nikolaev which is expected on January 11-13.

As for the northwestern part of the region, then in the evening the temperature drops to 3-5 degrees below zero.

13:07 In a network published video of snowfall on the road in the direction of Voznesensk.

Kiev highway near the village of Rakovo, Voznesensky district 12: 24 The road service in the Nikolaev region reports that due to difficult weather conditions in the form of heavy snow and ice, in order to prevent traffic congestion and ensure prompt clearance of roads and the distribution of anti-icing materials, on the site motorway of public use of national importance: N-24 Blagoveshchenskoye - Nikolaev (through the city of Voznesensk), km 43 580 - km 225 + 844 (from the border with the Kirovograd region to the border of the city of Nikol aev) restricted movement for heavy and route vehicles from 12:00.

The removal of restrictions will be reported additionally.

11:13 One of the drivers in the Viber channel “Accidents and roads of Nikolaev and the region” reports that it’s snowing in the area of Novaya Odessa and the road towards Voznesensk is slippery. He also published a video of the state of the roadway.

10:57 From 10:00 to 12:00 there is a traffic restriction for heavy and route vehicles on the section of the N-24 Blagoveshchenskoye-Nikolaev highway (through the city of Vozesensk) km 146 + 0-km 225 + 844 (from Voznesensk to the Nikolaev border) . About removal of restriction of the movement will be reported in addition, noted in the GARDEN of Nikolayevshchina.

10:41 In Service of highways of the Nikolaev area ask drivers to refrain from trips and published the list of places for sediment of transport.

“Such weather phenomena can cause icing on the road surface. If the situation on the roads is complicated, it is possible to impose traffic restrictions for motor vehicles on public roads of national importance in the region. The road service in the Mykolayiv region calls on drivers to refrain from traveling when weather conditions deteriorate, ”the SAD Mykolayiv Oblast website says.

In emergencies of departure during the period of complication of weather conditions, drivers are reminded of the need to make sure that the vehicles are in good condition;